Natal Report with Chart Wheel
A personalized report that describes the relevance of planets, houses and aspects that form the ESSENTIAL YOU. This report synthesizes all dimensions of your chart to find the essence of your purpose in life, strengths, challenges, karmic patterns – the past and future directions of your soul in this life. Inner and Outer planets, Chiron, Moon’s Nodes, Phasal relationship between Pluto, Mars and Venus.

Natal Report with Chart Wheel – Inner Planets Only 
Describes your personality through major aspects, planetary rulership, elemental balance and house placements. Same level of detail but limited to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Personalized Progressed with Transits to Natal Includes Triwheel chart.
Describes the effect of progressed and transiting planets to your Natal Chart (your life). Describes all major transits and identifies the most important ones, when they will occur and what they signify for you. Provides greater clarity and more specific interpretation than the software report. This does not include a Natal report which is sold separately. For a text report we suggest purchasing the software report and using this to gain the precision you need.

Relationship Compatibility Report with Bi-Wheel
Describes the interaction of the two members of a relationship and their entire environment. How comfortably do the individuals relate to themselves and others? How important are relationships to each? How do they relate to others? Do life goals and abilities match? Will unconscious needs match up? Do the two individuals have compatible emotional expressions? Will harmony or discord follow the initial attraction? Learn what qualities the relationship will form and determine how to “weather the storms.” This report determines the areas of life that each stimulates in the other and how! Learn the Karmic connection to your mate.

Children’s Natal Report with Chart wheel
Describes the promise within the child, the challenges, strengths, likes and dislikes. Written in a positive manner, the report demonstrates the wonderful individuality to be found and nurtured in everyone. The focus is limited to the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) and major aspects.

Children’s Report Plus
The same report plus the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), Chiron, Moon’s Nodes, Phasal relationship between Pluto, Mars and Venus (describes what the soul is working on in this life).

Marriage or Composite Report with Composite Chart wheel and two Natal wheels 
Based on the concept of Mid-Points. This report determines the planetary mid-points formed in ANY relationship that has been in existence for at least 2 years. The relationship takes on a life if it’s own; one that is different than the two who created it—like a third person. If your rising sign is Taurus and that of your significant other is Virgo then the Composite Rising Sign will be Cancer; if your Sun is 13 Gemini and that of your s/o is 15 Aries then the Composite Sun will be 14 Taurus. All the other planets follow the same rule. This creates the chart for the relationship. We have been married for well over two years and are struck by how accurately this report describes our relationship. It’s a genuine asset to understand your marriage or business partnership. This report provides useful insights to resolve tension points and strengthen the relationship. We even recommend this to people considering marriage- just to see what their marriage will be like and if they are ready for that BIG STEP. The report utilizes Both Partners Natal Charts so there are references to each individual’s chart but the report is about the Composite Relationship.

Natal To Relationship Chart (Natal to Composite) 
After reading about the Composite as a NEW RELATIONSHIP in itself the question often arises as to what effect it has on you as a member of this relationship. So then consider the aspects made by the Composite Chart to Your Natal Chart. Some areas of the relationship will be easier to live with than others- and let’s be honest, some can be impossible. Most importantly, the relationship has a theme or themes of it’s own. This report relates them to your own themes to determine places of strength and challenge. It helps you assess your needs and how they are met, and helps you see what you give to the relationship. This is a great addition to the Composite Chart.

Career Report with Natal Chart 
This report evaluates the overall Natal chart to determine professional directions that are strongest for you. When you select this report we advise that you state any preferred occupations or any that you react against.

The Relocation Chart And Report
This has been called the “As If Chart” because you pick a location and we cast a chart on it AS IF you had been born there. The results can be amazing. Moving to a new location can seriously change how you experience life; events can become more to your liking or not. The Natal Chart will change if the distance is great enough; planets can move to angles, change houses, planetary influences can improve or become more challenging, you can find increased career opportunity or lose opportunity. Internal states that have been less than desirable can improve. Since planets and house cusps are determined by time and place an improvement in one area of the chart can lead to greater challenge elsewhere. We assess the potential outcome of your selected locations in comparison to the natal chart to let you know what areas of your life will be affected and how.

The Family Constellation Report with chart wheel
Do you ever wonder what you have in common with your biological family, or your in-laws? For that matter, do you ever experience being the “odd- one out”? Well, this might be just the report for you! This report describes the major themes created in a family, their dynamics and how a member “fits in” or doesn’t. Family Karma, individuals’ karma as well are provided in this report. Finally, insight on the best way for you to approach this “family business.” Report focus is on up to 4 family members with selected inner planets and aspects.

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