We analyze and intuit the overall pattern or distribution of planets, first in the quadrants, then in the houses. We identify rulerships, determine elemental balance, sign, modality and aspects and assess them for their overall significance. Most importantly, we recognize that planetary placements describe a range of experiences for the individual and that we master some and struggle with others. Houses define an arena for us to express and develop on a continuum within a particular lifescape. Aspects are neither good nor bad in themselves; rather, they describe a type of relationship conducive to our unique needs for growth.

We determine your makeup as a unique individual. Then we apply our knowledge and experience to identify your life path and the significant issues in your life, the areas of life to be experienced and our insight to aid you in your journey. Keep in mind that natal chart describes the entry of the soul into the earth plane. Here is where it begins. So transits, progressions, solar returns, lunar returns, relationship charts, composite charts, relocation charts ALL are ALWAYS relative to the unique synthesis of the characteristics found in the natal chart. Our goal is to identify and relate that uniqueness with its strengths, challenges and idiosyncrasies back to you so that it makes sense; so that it is useful; so that you can succeed in life, grow, have realizations, gain insight and free yourself.

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