Get a love back

For love it is unique feeling everyone. Without love you can’t live in this world. Love does not mean that to love a girl but it may be to a friend, Mother, Father, Brother, Sister or a third person. It depends upon a person to person whom he adorable most. It also depends upon his taste and likings as the nature vary individual to individual. This is not only found in human beings but all in livings like animals, birds etc.

It is not only the case of boy and girl but it may also be son to his Father/Mother or vice –versa. The same case is relating to the girl also. It may also in search of different relations. We cay say brother –sister. It is generally happened in blood relations.

To love is like a golden moments but to get love back is above the golden moment , the feelings that he/she is the most spiritual love for whom, he has meet the persons in this world so far. This is the best medicine for a person. It also varies person to person how he takes the love. It has endless meanings and endless life. Love can’t end but life ends after a specific period.

To get the love back is equally important for a boy as well as girl. Getting love back means you have loved but lost or break up after some time. Then you assess yourself to know the importance of losing love. It may also not happen in a day but takes some time what happened in the past.

It affects both lives. In this case suffering is both sides. It knows the value of this for one who has suffered the most. In break-up relations some times they are the settled and sometimes not. Sometimes without break-up they separate as minor reasons. For the love it is essential for everyone and getting back is unforgettable for him throughout the life.